Music City Sisters

Alphabet Art

A Juried Exhibition of Queer Artists

The Music City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, in cooperation with OutCentral Cultural Center, present Alphabet Art — a Juried Exhibition of Queer Artists.

2012 Exhibition Reception

Activities that reach out and educate about our community are integral to our mission. What better way to enact on our mission than to recognize the skills of GLBTQIF artists while sharing them with the general public?

While themed or group juried exhibitions are presented all around the United States, outside of associations with Gay Pride celebrations, few are focused on the GLBTQIF community. MCS is proud to bring this unique event to the Southeast.

Alphabet Art is a chance for artists to turn a fun-house mirror upon their world and offer an interpretation of the world they see. The view from which sometimes charms, other times the image is startling; always the artist’s vision enlightens.

The exhibition theme seeks to display works of art expressing queer lives, hopes, experiences, and outlooks. A variety of elements coalesce into our gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, inter-sexed, two-spirit, allies, and queer community. What is your letter of the alphabet?